Get Paid to Drive with KydRides: How This New Feature Allows You to Make Money Driving Your Own Car

date January 19, 2021
Get paid to drive
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What’s inside this article: Do you love driving and are looking to get paid to drive? KydRides not only supports parents who are looking for safe transportation for their kids, but helps drivers earn extra income on the side. Learn how here.

KydRides isn’t just for parents. From retirees who love to drive to new moms, to college kids who have extended breaks, this social app was designed to allow kids to be transported safely from their appointments and activities, and the benefits work both ways!

If you are looking for a passive stream of income and want to get paid to drive your own car (while making an impact in your community) – you can now earn money from!

Want to learn how?

Get Paid to Drive with KydRides: Here’s How This New Feature Allows You to Make Money Driving Your Own Car

KydRides has set the bar for providing the safest rides for kids. Now, we have made it even better with the introduction of a feature for drivers. Drivers can now initiate the invites to their friend network by simply inviting the passengers or parents you know to become part of your KydRides network. This presents a huge opportunity for both parents and drivers because it:

  • Allows you to reach out to the contacts you have in order to see if they need the help
  • Makes it easier for parents to find drivers
  • Makes it easier to build and grow your network communities

Just think about it – how many parents do you know, or acquaintances do you have who have children that are active, need rides and may need your help?

It might be your son or daughter’s friends.

Your friends who have multiple, or older kids.

Your friend’s parents who have older or younger siblings.

Or a community center you work for.

get paid to drive

There are so many places you can reach out to in order to build your network, and KydRides is the connection that bridges that gap while allowing you to make a passive income and get paid to drive in your downtime.

Know Your Driver means trusting your friends and family members are safe from COVID

With traditional rideshare programs, carpooling or private transportation systems, it’s hard to know exactly where that driver has been or who they have been exposed to. With KydRides, there’s no need to worry about random exposure or worrying about who was around your child. It’s likely that your friends and family will be a strong part of your network of connections, which allows for another level of safety and security from coronavirus exposure. 

There Are Some Major Benefits of Becoming a KydRides Driver

If you love driving, have down time or are looking for a constructive way to fill your day, all while getting paid to drive, KydRides is the perfect app that allows you to earn money while helping your community members. Bonus, it doesn’t cost a thing to set up. Here are the major benefits to becoming a KydRides driver:

1. You are helping the people you know; you are helping your community. There are plenty of parents out there who are looking for support throughout their day, and you can offer that support by simply organizing pick up and drop off for their kids. The best part, you only have to drive when you are available, and you always know the kids you are driving.

2. It’s an effortless way to make extra money. If you love to drive and are looking for a passive income, becoming a KydRides driver is the perfect way to make that extra money.

3. It can easily fit into your schedule. As we said, you get to choose your availability!

get paid to drive

How the Driver Invite Works

Back from college and want to make some extra money while you are home?  Set up a network of families that can use your help.

Are you an empty nester with time to help young families?  Get the app and let them know you are here for them.

Parents with kids can get rides AND provide rides too.  Maybe you’re headed to the same event as a friend and can help transport their child.  Sign up on the app and become a driver as well as a parent that gets rides from friends when you need the help.

get paid to drive

The steps are simple:

Step 1: Download KydRides at

Step 2: Go through your network and send invites to the people you know to see if they would like to join your network

Step 3: Let the parents know you are available to drive

Step 4: Create a driver network with our new feature so that when you aren’t available a trustworthy friend or acquaintance is.

You can reach out to all those busy families you know in town.  When they need a ride, they will set the details in the KydRides app, and you will be notified.  If you can help you can confirm and provide the ride.  Once the ride is done the “Thank You” dollars will be in your account.  You keep it all, KydRides sends 100% of the “Thank You” dollars to the driver. 

get paid to drive

5 Steps to Finding More Parents Who Need Assistance

If you aren’t too sure about who around you may need help, don’t worry! There’s always a parent in need, it’s just a matter of asking around. Here are 5 steps to finding more parents in your community who could use your help with rides:

1. Ask around. Friends of family, close friends, community centers, mom’s with kids in the same class etc. there’s never a shortage of parents out there, which means there’s no shortage of rides to offer.

2. Build your driver community with your close friends to expand your network and reach more parents.

3. Ask your connections to pass your info along to their friends.  They can all reach out and find you on the KydRides app.

4. Post your availability on local FaceBook Group pages, like Babysitting Clubs or Working Parent Groups

If you are wondering how to make money driving your own car, but the idea of becoming an Uber or Lyft driver doesn’t sit well with you, KydRides is the perfect solution that allows you to make your own schedule and organize rides for kids you already know.

Driver invites, the next best way to build your network on KydRides.

KydRides – Know Your Driver.

Looking for more support during COVID19? See how KydRides can help here.

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