How KydRides Can Help During COVID-19 Season

date September 23, 2020
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COVID has impacted nearly every family in one capacity or another. Whether it’s been a schedule adjustment, job adjustment or learning adjustment, we recognize that the pandemic has changed the way we view ‘normal’ and caused added pressure for a lot of families out there. KydRides hopes to alleviate many of the new pressures families are facing during this crisis. 

As parents, teachers and community members, it has been an adjustment to take a step back from the life we used to know and learn how to cope with the way things are now being done.

kydrides covid season

Life doesn’t stop, KydRides is here to help 

As we temporarily adapt to this new normal, KydRides is here as a solution for parents that need safe transportation for their kids. Kids still need to get to school, sports, and activities, and knowing that your driver is in your bubble of network connections helps to ensure your kids are safe and that there is less likelihood of them encountering COVID. 

We also believe that it’s imperative to our children’s mental health to be out with other kids their age getting exercise, socializing and receiving an education. KydRides eliminates the fear and reduces potential exposure from public transportation and drivers that you simply do not know. Your friends, your bubble, your protection.

The best news – you have total control of the ride

If you haven’t downloaded KydRides to your iOS device yet, we recommend downloading it today, you can learn more here.

When you sign up; as a parent, a driver, or both, you will be able to see that you are in control of the network of people you would like to help with your children’s transportation needs AND you get the control to know every detail about the ride.

KydRides gives parents the tools they need to set up rides with trusted friends, and gives drivers the tools they need to work within a schedule that’s comfortable for them. It’s community members helping community members, which means there is an instant level of respect and understanding for one another.

kydrides covid season

Know Your Driver means trusting your friends and family members are safe from COVID

With traditional rideshare programs, carpooling or private transportation systems, it’s hard to know exactly where that driver has been or who they have been exposed to. With KydRides, there’s no need to worry about random exposure or worrying about who was around your child. It’s likely that your friends and family will be a strong part of your network of connections, which allows for another level of safety and security from coronavirus exposure. 

Work from home doesn’t mean vacation, many parents still have busy schedules and need help

While many parents are in a work-from-home situation, they are still very busy with their work responsibilities AND they have their kids home with them. This can create a level of stress and anxiety, trying to balance work life, home life and their children’s busy schedules.  Work is work, regardless if it’s home or at the office. KydRides can alleviate the pressure to be in two places at once by enlisting a trusted friend to handle the driving for you.

Now and after COVID, KydRides is here for parents!

Parents are busy, pandemic or not! KydRides is here to help now and will be here after we emerge from the COVID crisis. Our kids’ safety and ability to get to where they need to be shouldn’t be sacrificed for any reason. KydRides – Know Your Driver.

Learn more about how KydRides came to be here, and don’t forget to download at the App store today.

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KYDRides gives parents the power to safely transport their kids. Create your own trusted driver network and have someone you know & trust drive your child. The most important part of any ride is to Know Your Driver!! KYDRides....
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