A Message from Our Founder - The Story Behind Why KydRides Was Started

date August 1, 2020
How KydRides came to be
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Passionate about the safety of the children in his community, Jeff Sansone, founder and CEO of KydRides shares his story on how this amazing transportation method for busy parents came to be.

Meet Jeff, KydRides Founder and Proud Dad

I love being a dad and am fortunate to have two great kids who are now 18 and 20.  I have always tried to be a very present and active father. I coached their sports teams and volunteered for school events, whatever it was, I was IN. I cherished being involved and they enjoyed the fact that they were spending quality time with me. 

Sometimes Things Change…

Being ever-present for my kids was a priority for me but it became much harder after my divorce. I didn’t want my quality time with them to diminish, but all of my other responsibilities didn’t disappear.  It was hard on us and I wanted to make sure I did what I could to minimize the impact on them.  Sports, after school activities, and playdates with friends weren’t going to stop because of outside circumstances. 

Most Problems Have Solutions

I was in full “problem-solving mode”. I was hiring sitters to be at the house after school and I would constantly be asking my friends to pick them up when I couldn’t be there. Trying to manage everyone’s schedules was exhausting, and at times I was overwhelmed. My support network was amazing, but not even they could fill in all of the time and I often felt guilty about asking for help. 

The Ideas of KydRides Was Born Out of the Need For Safe Transportation for My Children

One day I was sitting in the car waiting for my daughter, while at the same time my son needed to get to a game, and he was going to be late. In that desperate moment when I needed help with my son’s transportation it hit me! I thought it would be great to have a way to message all of my friends in town at the same time to see if anyone was headed to where my son had to go. I also wanted to be able to say thank you and chip in for gas and snacks along the way, even offer some extra money since they were helping me out so much. 

KydRides is All About Community and Helping Busy Families

The idea for KydRides came to me that day.  KydRides is about our community; caring friends helping one another. 

KydRides empowers parents to build a network of drivers made up of their friends, who can help get kids to and from local events.  This is priceless.  When someone I knew was driving my kids, I felt secure, trusting they were going to get to where they had to be safely. I would have been a POWER user of an app like this and I couldn’t believe it didn’t exist – so I created it knowing that parents and kids will benefit from it. 

Benefits for Both Parents and Drivers

I envision KydRides as a win-win solution for parents and drivers. Parents get that ride for their kids they desperately need, and drivers get to help out and will make some extra money at the same time.  The great part for drivers is that they don’t even have to leave town and they know who their passengers are!

I still coach youth and high school basketball, and I see how hard it can be for families to get their kids to all of the practices and games. I think there is a real problem we are solving, and KydRides truly gives parents the tools they need to get their kids transported around town safely. 

Look for us on the Apple App Store and let us know what you think and how we can make KydRides better!  


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