We’re KydRides, the SAFEST way to get your kids from A to B, when you can’t do it yourself!

date August 14, 2020
Safety is at the core of everything we do.
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Would you put your kids in a car with a driver you don’t know? 

Neither would we. 

We’re KydRides, the SAFEST way to get your kids from A to B, when you simply can’t do it yourself. It is our mission to go out of our way to make sure you feel 100% comfortable with your child’s driver, and we believe the only way that you can feel completely comfortable with who’s driving your kids is to know them on a personal level.

Developed by a single father looking for a solution to his children’s busy activity schedule, KydRides was created out of the need for a tool that could help solve parent’s scheduling problems and keep the children within his community safe. Read more about Founder, Jeff Sansone’s story here.

If carpooling isn’t for you, and ridesharing makes you feel uncomfortable, KydRides is the solution! There is a level of attention to safety which is unmatched by similar services on the market and we take this responsibility seriously and ensure that child safety is always put first.

Unlike anything else, KydRides is the first app that not only helps parents with their busy schedule but ensures the safest transportation out there

Our children are our life and we know how important it is for you to be a present parent. However, we also know just how hard it can be to go to and from appointments and activities when you have a busy schedule, or have more than one child. There are often scheduling conflicts, which make it very hard on your day-to-day.

We started KydRides to give parents an option for transporting their kids when they cannot manage to do it themselves.  We want kids to get to and from their activities safely, and we have designed features in KydRides to make sure that happens.

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You Get to Create Your Own Network of Drivers, and Best Part? They are People You Already Know!

The absolute best part of KydRides is that you, the parent, are in control of everything.  You invite the friends you choose to be part of your driver network and this can easily be done in a click of a button via your Facebook or phone contact list.  Only those in this special group will ever see details of the ride you need for your child.  They make sure your child is picked up and dropped off when and where you want them.

Imagine being able to reach out to a group of people you know personally to see who is free to help you out? No obligations on them, but you also can also return the favor by saying thank you in the form of a dollar amount.

Security is our top priority on the app

When you log into the app, we use Two-Factor Authentication.  This is not standard for other apps, but we use this to make sure that the only person that ever logs into your KydRides account is you!  When you make payments, we utilize a third-party payment processor which means we do not keep any of your financial information on our systems.

Special requests – go ahead and make them!

We have a message field available on all ride requests.  Not only are the basic details for the ride communicated to your driver pool, Time, Place & Thank You Dollars, but we also allow for free-from special requests.  Want your child to be escorted to the door and have the driver confirm a physical handoff to an adult? Just ask. Need a booster seat? Put it in the request.  The app is designed for you and to make sure your child gets from point A to B safely!

KydRides – We made it for you, help us make it better.

Your feedback is critical to the success of KydRides.  Please share your feedback with us and if you would like to see a new enhancement please let us know!  Send your ideas to “support@www.kydrides.com

Download the app on iOS today at kydrides.com/app

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Know Your Driver!

KYDRides gives parents the power to safely transport their kids. Create your own trusted driver network and have someone you know & trust drive your child. The most important part of any ride is to Know Your Driver!! KYDRides....
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